Hospital Appointment Scheduling Software App for Clinics, Hospitals and Doctors.

Connects and integrates all your appointment channels – Website, Leads, Mobile, and front desk. Everything is in a central calendar! Set up appointments for your patients in the most effective way with the help of the Hospital Appointment Scheduling Software App. The doctors will be able to access, reception and appointments, everything in one calendar making it more simplified and organized. This is a tailor-made software for Clinics, Hospitals, and Doctors allowing a smooth flow in the operations, thereby replacing the manual work with ease and comfort through medical software.

Appointment Booking Software with IVR

Benefits Of Appointment Scheduling Software

Integrated Appointments through Online Appointment Scheduling App

Integrate IVR, Online (Web), Reception, Mobile App appointments onto one single calendar. No more clashes. Real time updates to timings.

Color Coded Views

Instantly identify the status of the appointment with our unique color coded views. Change and track statuses easily.

Automate Time Consuming Tasks

Shifting and cancellations often consume time and are error prone leading to patient dissatisfaction. With DocPulse Appointment Scheduling Software, shift and cancel appointments in a jiffy.

Features Of Appointment Management Software

We have everything you need and more !

Availability Management

Easily create available and busy timings to control the slots.

Waiting Room

Automatically queues patients. You can display the queue on a TV. Also, announce the next patient.

Shifting Appointments

Shift many appointments at once and notify by SMS and Email.

Reserve Slots

You can specify slots as walk-in/reserve slots. This will help manage walk-ins and emergencies.


You can cancel all appointments in time window, and inform patients by SMS/Email.

Multi Doctor and Department Support

Multiple doctors and departments can be added.